Social Media helps to improve your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms daily. Content creation or brand development for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Linkedin, we can deliver; Because we are a collective of entrepreneurs, business owners and overall digital marketing experts. We are masters at identifying web behavior, trends and other data, converting ad campaigns to drive revenue is our mission.

Print material, broadcast announcements, and newsletters (email and flyers) used to be the type of marketing a company would focus on. The incorporation of social media meant that companies had another way to connect with their consumers. Today companies pay attention to it as a powerful tool for marketing. Branding on social media makes it easier for you to attract more relevant people to your sales funnel by giving them a reason to trust you.

It is is of utmost importance to ensure a consistent brand across multiple social networks, and one way to achieve this is by taking a consistent approach in every interaction that customers have with your brand, for example, using a specific font style and design approach helps to reinforce brand identity.

At Quint Advertising we have a talented team of excellent reliable and professional graphic designers, with knowledge of today’s digital market, capable of delivering an attractive and effective website with a well-designed Logo and a familiar color scheme in order to maintain a consistent corporate image across your web presence as well as with the printed material, increasing your overall brand recognition and allowing your customers to create an instant connection between your products/services and your brand.

The ultimate goal of your brand efforts on social media is when your customers recognize one of your brand posts without seeing your name or logo, just because they have the same colors and fonts reflected in your images, graphics, and videos. It takes time, some patience and consistency to generate brand recognition on social media. However, using the above strategies will put you on the path to improving your brand online.

"At Quint Advertising we can help your brand be relevant and have a great impact on the future success of the business".


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